ALFA-WEB Media Group

About us

ALFA-WEB Media Group is a militant marketing team with 10 years of experience in implementing federal full-scale advertising campaigns in the FMCG segment, promoting services and manufacturing and bringing exclusive brands to the market. Owner of the company and site Artsiom Buniashyn.

We perform the whole range of tasks for business - a modern super-mix marketing, advertising promotion and PR activity. We rely on the basic knowledge gained in the best US business schools (MBA - Florida International University, Marketing - Columbia Business School) and experience of projects in different countries of the world.

We consider the main criterion for the success of our work - the scaling of the client’s business. To achieve this, we analyze the initial indicators, propose a strategy and methods strictly for your specific situation, control the results gradually. Also we are responsible for the effective use of the advertising marketing budget.

The days when, after reading a couple of books on marketing, it was possible to independently create a successful business strategy and implement it, are in the past. Now you need the number of knowledge that can not fit in one head, even in brilliant. When making important decisions you cannot be guided only by intuition, in business, we must be pragmatic. To succeed you need to go beyond deceptive evidence and catch the reality.

Tefal marketers have believed for a long time that the main motive for buying Teflon-coated frying pans is cooking without oil. Independent experts found out that the real motive is easy washing of the frying pans, since nothing burns to them. Tefal advertising has become more accurate and successful.

Our head-office is located in Miami (Florida, USA). We work with any part of the world, we speak and think in two languages (Russian and English), we conclude online contracts, we accept payments in a phased manner in a convenient for you way.

We will be able to professionally assess the potential of your company and see what it can be in the near future!