Brand representation in social networks

Social networks have entered our lives totally and forever. If your brand is not represented on social networks, it doesn’t exist at all! So dictates the time and desire of the consumer to be in touch.

Social networks allow you to directly interact with the target audience: quickly find new customers, stimulate existing ones, create a new brand reality.

The behavior of brands in social networks can be represented by the following scenarios:

  • FRIEND. Frank and understandable.
    Fascinated with love, he shares all the stages of product creation, lays out honest photos and videos. Places posts every day, keeps the audience informed of their affairs. Practical exhaust - he is not suspected of concealing the truth about the product.
  • PROVOCATOR. Relevant, always at the peak of the trend.
    He uses situational marketing: quickly pick up hot topics, jokes really funny, instantly reacts to responses. Gives useful collections, expert comments, lifehacks. Practical exhaust - the first captures a huge audience of consumers.
  • ENTRTAINING. A provider of enjoyable content.
    Interactive, his every post is a really funny news opportunity. He is keenly interested in the opinion of the client, conducts polls, publishes photos and responses of subscribers and arranges competitions with clear prizes. Practical exhaust - attracts the closest to the purchase part of the audience.
  • USEFUL. His advice is always applicable.
    Substantially answers uncomfortable questions, highlights brand problems, gives really useful information or a tool to help solve a problem. Share experience and practical advice. Practical exhaust - his audience trusts him 100%.

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