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A site is one or more logically related web pages with information about your product or service. To be more exact, the site is a machine for making money.

We consider the creation of a high-quality website as a complex creative task, we solve it with a team of different specialists under the guidance of a highly qualified headliner.

We attach great importance to visual attractiveness: a beautiful site attracts the eye of a potential client, causes positive emotions, encourages you to stay on the site as long as possible and, above all, creates confidence in your professional competencies.

Properly made site should be:

  • Understandable and concise. The latest strong trend in web design is simplicity: valuable content, high-quality images, a practical layout, an intuitive interface. The user, hitting the site, must immediately figure out where to go, otherwise he will be disappointed and go away forever.
  • Susceptible to requests. No one wants to wait for the download of a slow site, pages of the second level and deeper. 1-2 seconds, no more! Studies show that every additional second increases the number of failures at times.
  • Attractive. The site should appeal to visitors. For sure! Now the stereotype of the assessment on the “beautiful - ugly” scale has come to the fore, we all automatically filter information, unconsciously applying this criterion.
  • Effective. To make the site effective, you need to guess exactly what the user wants and give it exactly that without any obstacles. A simple list of functions will not work, the search from the options remained in the last century.
  • Have a mobile version. More than 70% of your potential customers are looking for products and services from smartphones and tablets. They should not be missed!

We will increase the conversion of your site and lead it to the TOP

We are proud of our completed projects, which in the shortest possible time increased the conversion of the site and brought it to the TOP. Even more – of new and unique!

Creation and promotion of a selling or image site is imperative and a necessity for business development. It can solve various tasks: informing the market about a new product or service, forming the starting base of customers, increasing profits, attracting partners and others. Each business task corresponds to the optimal type of site.

Which site is ideal for your business: a business card site, a catalogue site, a corporative news blog or an online store? We will be able to determine and design that type of site, from which you will get the maximum benefit.

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